Taking images with 3D reconstruction in mind is quite different from just taking images of an infrastructure and will need some practice before you nail it.

We have created a small guide to help you understand the concepts and requirements.

Most importantly is the following:

  • There must be overlap between the images and all images must be connected (No holes between areas for a single inspection)
  • Overlap is recommended to be 60-80% for best quality
  • The angles between each image must not be larger than 15 degrees. Meaning that a minimum of 6 images should be taken around corners of a building of 90 degrees.
  • Images must be in good consistent quality. Not over/under-exposed and blurry. Lock the exposure if possible to ensure that colors are not changing to much.
  • Do not change zoom level between images. Use a fixed focal length in case you have zoom available.
  • Include as much ground as possible and have both the structure and background in focus.